Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission are statements used often interchangeably in business life. So, for us “Vision” is about what we see, and “Mission” is about what we do. You can sum up both of those things with 6 words, Community, Relationships, Proclamation, Coming, Becoming, and Going.


Community, Relationships, Proclamation

Acts 2:42-44; Matthew 28:19-20

What We See:

A Community of Christ Followers, Building Loving Relationships, Proclaiming the Good News about the Lord we Worship and Serve



Coming, Becoming, and Going

1 Peter 2:9

What We Do:

We are Coming to God in Christ Jesus, and together for Worship and Service

We are Becoming a family, a community, and disciples of Jesus Christ

We are Going on mission for God to share the good news, to love our neighbors, and to the world in Joyful Surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ.